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 Mt. Vesuvius

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PostSubject: Mt. Vesuvius   Fri Mar 28, 2008 2:10 am

Map Title: Mt. Vesuvius

Download Map

Mt. Vesuvius is a map designed for team slayer of FFA. The map is dominated by a large central base. The central base has two volcano lifts and a central man cannon. the main purpose of the man cannon is to propel you to the Rocket, the only way that this works it to be crouching in the air. there is a brute shot on the platform inbetween the volcano lifts. There are also two snipers located in open boxes at the front that can only be accessesed from the interior of the base. There is a shotgun at the top center of the base. You will also notice that there are overshields and camos but to get to them is a bit of a chore so good luck with that. there are two weapon stores on either side and a holding cell in the middle. The top of the holding cell is where the sword spawns and on the inside are two firebombs and two carbines.

*I know this seems like overkill but just try it*

8 br 1 clip @30 sec
8 smg 1 clip @45 sec
6 carbine 1 clip @30sec
6 spiker 1 clip @ 45sec
6 plasma rifle NA @45sec
6 plasma pistol NA @45sec
4 magnum 1 clip @45sec
4 mauler 1 clip @45sec
2 assault rifle 2 clip @30sec
2 needler 1 clip @60sec
2 sniper rifle 1 clip @90sec
1 brute shot 1 clip @60sec
1 rocket 1 clip @150sec
1 sentinel beam NA @60sec
1 shotgun 1 clip @120sec
1 sword NA @120sec


14 plasmas @10sec
12 frags @10sec
4 firebombs @30sec

2 bubble shield @60sec
2 power drain @60sec
1 regenerator @60sec
2 camos @60
2 overshields @60

This is the "holding cell" and "Guard Platform"

The interior panorama

The exterior panorama

As Killtrocity became more and more popular many entrepreneurs sought to bring it to the mainstream. By taking the violence out and replacing it with a sport aspect promoters tried to turn a bloody and deadly game to the masses. To increase mass appeal large sums of money were spent on construction of elaborate arenas. Mt. Vesuvius was built by Frontiersman Marcus Ross. Having amassed a large fortune prospecting moons he turned his attention to Killtrocity after returning to earth. The concept for Mt. Vesuvius was based on the great volcano that once erupted destroying the entire city of Pompeii. A large dominating moutain that would rain death and destruction.
excerpt from "A New Kind of Peace" - by Mayfield Hodges
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PostSubject: Re: Mt. Vesuvius   Fri Mar 28, 2008 8:46 am

wow, you even did your research. nice. this map looks sweet as well. I'll check it out. I like the side story, nice.

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PostSubject: Re: Mt. Vesuvius   Fri Mar 28, 2008 1:30 pm

AS usual, ur maps loosk great. This one looks a little more cluttered than your others...but that's jsut my opinion.

I havn't payed this yet, but it looks like you went a little overkill on the weapons.

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PostSubject: Re: Mt. Vesuvius   

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Mt. Vesuvius
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