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PostSubject: :)   Wed Nov 02, 2011 11:03 am

Protect this astral scene like I do. You are my wonder woman. You incarcerate negative thoughts with your laser beam smile. We traveled through time with our multipart spacecraft, or perhaps just with our minds? Perpetual melodies boogied with us the entire evening convincing our doubts and defining our future. I let go that night you know? You pulled me into an unfamiliar utopia that only appeared on my dreams. Why would I search for the flawless tune? Why would Mozart consume eras seeking for the ideal symphony? If all this time that impeccable soundtrack was veiled in the voice of an angel. I will seek no more. I will obsess no more; I found you.
Indeed, I thank fate for patiently awaiting for the veracious moment. For discreetly observing us fall time after time. And then granting us the chance of redemption just before it crossed our paths. Hold me close and never let go my mythical princess. Sing for me by a barb wired boundary that stops us from reaching nature. The trees know itís going down, Marley knows itís going down, you and I know itís going down, and nothing else matters. I donít need glorious substances other than your kisses, I donít need any wings other than your voice, and most importantly I donít need any energy other than your beautiful soul.
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