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 Credit card

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PostSubject: Credit card   Wed Nov 09, 2011 11:15 am

Credit Card Vendors on Campus Prompt

Every fall many credit card companies solicit on college campuses to offer credit cards to students regardless of employment or income. After the recent news reports that covered the issue of student credit card debts, many colleges have begun to block vendors from signing up new customers on campus. Proponents of limiting credit card vendors on college campuses claim that this new policy will prevent uninformed students from finding themselves in early debt. Opponents argue that credit cards are essential for college students and that these vendors have helped them obtain the credit cards they need. Should credit card vendors be blocked from soliciting on college campuses?
Your purpose is to write a 300-500 word multi-paragraph essay to be read by a classroom teacher in which you take a position on whether colleges should block credit card vendors from soliciting on college campuses. Support your position with logical reasons and examples.

Are credit cards a dangerous payment method for college students? Should universities all over the USA completely restrict credit card companies from soliciting on college campuses? Current reports have indicated that numerous colleges have begun to block vendors from signing up new costumers on campus areas. As a result, opponents argue that credit cards are essential for college students, and those infamous vendors shouldn’t be stopped from providing them. Personally, I believe that the credit card companies should be obstructed form providing the students with credit cards in order to prevent early life debts. It will also make the students concentrate more on their education rather than their budget, and mainly it will help the banks from losing money because of those students that can’t back up their credit card debts.
I strongly believe in these words “Credit cards are not for dummies”. College students all over the country are falling into the dark hole of credit card debt at early stages in their life. As a result, some colleges are now strictly restraining the credit card companies from singing up college students on campus areas. Opponents believe that credit cards are indispensable for college students. I personally think that these notorious cards should be firmly banned from college areas because not only most of the college students don’t have the maturity required to hold the weight of a credit card, but it will also prevent young individuals from falling into debt at an early and crucial stage of their life, and it will aid the bank’s economy drop due to students that can’t pay their credit card debts.

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Credit card
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